Why Performance Testing Is Needed While Building Apps?

Why Performance Testing Is Needed While Building Apps?

Nowadays with the advent of technology and the IT era, every big to small business is spending money on app development. These app owners want to build excellent software applications that can provide an enjoyable and convenient user experience to their customers. However, testing your apps is equally important as building apps as the performance of an app can strengthen or degrade the reputation of the brand. An effective performance testing can analyze the reason behind the poor performance of an app and also suggest solutions to make its performance better. Improving the customer experience while using apps can be effective for improving the brand’s value and revenues also.

What is Performance Testing?

Performance testing involves the procedure of analyzing and evaluating the app on different criteria like speed, scalability, reliability, stability, response time under a simulated environment using testing software. The objective of the performance testing is to ensure that the app is performing effectively before launching it in the market for public use.

Reasons Why Performance Testing Is Needed For Apps?

Here are some of the reasons why performance testing is really necessary while building apps.

1 Different regions have different speeds and networks. That is the reason why performance testing is really necessary for evaluating the app region-wise as some regions have slow internet speed and different 2G, 3G, 4G connections. Performance testing ensures that the app can be used conveniently in any region of the world without any network or speed issues.

2 An effective app should also be able to perform well under high traffic of users. The objective of the performance testing is to analyze whether the app can maintain the same speed and stability if the user base is increased. It also locates bugs that can affect the performance of the app while handling a high user base.

3 Many experts believe that several mobile application errors like frequent timeouts, failure in uploading, broken download links, checkout errors, etc. can result in uninstalling or exit from the application that can affect the revenue as well as the brand’s reputation.

4 Performance testing also provides important information to the stakeholder regarding the application’s speed, reliability, response time, scalability, etc. Performance testing also provides various solutions to the bugs.

That is the reason why performance testing while building apps is really important while building apps.

Process of Performance Testing-

The process of Performance testing may vary according to various application software; however, the objective of the performance testing remains the same. It includes.

  • Know about the testing environment before testing- It is really important to analyze the testing environment before testing. It can be beneficial to understand the features of the hardware, software, and network configuration that are to be used during the testing process. Analyzing the testing environment before the actual testing can help you make effective tests for recognizing problems in application software.
  • Setting the performance criteria- It includes setting the benchmarks and goals for checking the effectiveness of the application software outside of product specifications. Sometimes finding similar applications can be more effective to set the performance application goals.
  • Comprehensive Plan and design for performance testing- To conduct effective testing you need to include all possible details such as use cases, number of end-users in the performance test plan for effective performance testing.
  • Set up your test environment- To effectively test the application software you should arrange the test environment as well as the resources and testing tools before performing the testing.
  • Implementing the test design and run the tests- Build the performance test according to the test designs before running and monitoring the tests.
  • Analyze The Test And Re-Test- Analyse the performance test. In case you do not get appropriate test results, try to Re-test the app with the right set of tools and increasing the power of the performance testing software.

Performance Testing Tools-

You can choose from a variety of Performance testing tools. You need to consider several factors before choosing the required testing software. These factors include hardware requirements, license cost, etc. Below are some of the popular performances testing tools.

Load Ninja- Load Ninja is a cloud-based load testing tool that helps to run and test the loads in real browsers without the complex dynamic correlations. It also helps to cut the load testing time by over 60%.

HP Load Runner- This Performance testing tool is used to simulate the thousands of real-life loads to evaluate the performance of the application’s software under expected user loads. It features a virtual user generator that imitates real users.

Parameters That Need To Be Monitored While Performance Testing-

  • Memory usage
  • Processor usage
  • Disk time
  • Bandwidth
  • Private Bytes.
  • Committed memory
  • Memory pages/second
  • CPU interrupts per second
  • Disk queue length
  • Network bytes total per second
  • Response time
  • Throughput
  • Amount of connection pooling
  • Maximum active sessions
  • Hit ratios
  • Hits per second
  • Rollback segment
  • Database locks
  • Top waits
  • Thread counts
  • Garbage collection

Conclusion- Performance testing is the best way to evaluate an application software product before launching it in the market for actual usage. Performance testing minimizes the risk of decline in performance and app crashing that helps to gain the trust of users, customer satisfaction.

Performance testing helps you improve the performance of your app that provides enjoyable and convenient user experience to the customers. Poor performing apps often affects brands reputation as well revenues also. To avoid this dreadful issue you need the top-notch performance testing services by Protolabz eServices. It is a reputed mobile app development company in Mohali that builds stable, reliable and scalable performance testing software that helps you stay ahead in the cut-throat competition. It will surely help you improving your customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention by improving the performance of your apps.