Why Domain Name is so important for the Business?

Why Domain Name is so important for the Business??


The simplest term domain name is just the address to your website. Think about the Internet there are wide maps of avenues, streets, and turns, and think of your website as your house. For everyone to find your house, you need an address which is your domain name. Every website has an IP and an IP is a random string of numbers. When you register and purchase a domain name, is almost like saving your home address as a home on your phone. It keeps that an IP address changes into a simple domain name, this is because of a random string of numbers, which is hard to find.

Here are some points that tell you about the importance of domain name:-

Unique Business Identity

Business houses can choose their domain name that directly proportional to their work. A catchy domain name can enhance the possibility of recalling your website and this further leads to a larger customer base. With a unique business identity, customers can locate you easily. Like your business visiting cards, your business web site’s unique address also indicates your organization. Protolabz eservices can help you to create a unique website domain name and hosting services for your website.

Trustworthy Towards Your Customers

With a website, business houses build their genuineness towards their customers; also customers can show their trust towards your work or business. If a customer thinks that your business is trustworthy they can share your business with their known persons or on the social platform. It will help your business to grow with referrals.

Good Domain Name Protects Your Business Alive

A good domain name can work as a shield for your business’s name and values. No one wants that competitor of your business can compete with you. Thus, business houses have to rush to acquire their domain name.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization Ranking

If the content and products/services are matched to your domain name keywords it can help your business to grow in search engine optimization ranking. In some domain keywords, addresses might be a little bit costly but in the long term sequence, it will enhance the market value of the business.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

The top-level domain refers to the last segment coming after the final dot.

Types of top-level domain:-

  • gTLD – Generic Top-Level Domains

Examples of Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD) are:-

  • .net
  • .com
  • .org
  • .co
  • sTLD – Sponsored Top-Level Domains

Examples of Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLD) are:-

  • .asia
  • .edu
  • .gov