Accelerate Business Digitally: COVID-19 Techniques

Covid 19 Pandemic has drastically changed the way companies do their business. It accelerates the digital interaction with customers. This Pandemic has pushed businesses to operate their operations digitally or otherwise, they have to go through shutdowns and bear the loss.

This pandemic has shifted the interest of customers towards online and digital platforms. That is the reason why new and already established businesses are changing their strategies and techniques to stay competitive in changing economic environment. In this Pandemic Era, the dependence on digital platforms is increasing, so almost every business needs to change its business strategies to adapt to the digital transformation.

Here are some of the techniques to accelerate your business digitally in Covid 19 Pandemic-


1. Connect with your Audience- To stay competitive in online business and connect with your desired audience you need to analyze the information regarding your potential customers’ needs and preferences. This information includes demographic information, preferences, or any other important information. You can use Google Analytics if you already have a website to know about the user’s interest, age, gender, interests, etc. This information can be really useful for making marketing and selling strategies as well as choosing relevant platforms to get connected with the audience.

2. Be consistent on Social Media- Social media is a great tool to improve your online presence and reach out to the desired customers without even paying. For example, Facebook and Twitter provide a great platform for companies to get connected and stay in touch with their existing as well as potential customers online.

You can also create your own YouTube channel to let your customers learn more about your products. It can be beneficial for building trust and making the customers friendlier with the brand.

You can also create your own YouTube channel to let your customers learn more about your products. It can be beneficial for building trust and making the customers friendlier with the brand.

3. Use Keywords effectively- Placing effective keywords in the text of your web page can be effective for getting on the first pages of search engines. It can increase the chances of more website clicks and sales also. However, finding the right keywords is not an easy task. You need to find ideal and relevant keywords using SEO tools like Google keyword planner, Google Trend, Semrush, Keyword finder, etc. Regularly updating the website is important to improve the website ranking on search engines and getting the desired traffic for the website.

Nowadays people are surfing the web on smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, IPads, etc. You should also make sure that your website works smoothly on smaller devices also.

5. Digital Advertising- You need to know about your potential customers before choosing the digital platform to advertise. Covid -19 restrictions make people spend more time on social media. According to data, the return on investment (ROI) on social media advertising increased drastically during the Covid-era. Many businesses today are using various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram ads for their promotion. You should choose the advertising platform according to the nature of your business. For example, if you are dealing in skincare then you should go for Instagram ads, and for Retail and FMCG products Facebook advertising is effective.

6. Display customer Testimonials and Reviews- Displaying customer testimonials and reviews can be a great way to create a good impression about the company in the minds of your potential customers. These testimonials and customer reviews can be effective to increase online sales. You can post your testimonials and reviews on various pages of your website such as the product page, the home page, etc. These testimonials and reviews can work as trust signals for your brand. You should show off your certifications and qualified accreditations also on your website as it can also create a sense of trust in the potential customers.

7. Provide a variety of payment options for customers- Providing your customers with a variety of payment options can be a great way to gain trust among potential customers and increase online sales. Offer your customers several options like credit and debit card options, online payment methods, PayPal, eCheck, etc. Providing a variety of payment options will increase customer retention, global reach, etc., and ultimately be beneficial for online sales.

8. Analyze your competition- Analyzing your competitor’s online business and their website can also play a big role in boosting your online sales. Your focus should be about outranking your competition in search results to attract more potential customers.

9. Mobile optimization- If you want to increase your online sales your website needs to be user-friendly and works smoothly on mobile devices. Nowadays with the increase in mobile users, the need for smooth navigation and user experience is really important while designing the websites for the mobile version. A badly optimized mobile website where the user finds difficulty in finding, buying, navigating, or placing the order will probably shift the user to another website.

A user-friendly website where users can easily navigate, buy and choose the products as well instant page load will increase the chances of users come back to your website. Provide an effortless platform to your customers so they can buy products easily.

Conclusion- Covid-19 has changed the way businesses work. To stay ahead of your competitors and survive in these hard times you need to change your marketing strategies in the accordance with the digital transformation. This pandemic has made us dependent on digital platforms like never before. That is the reason why “Going Digital “is the way to survive for businesses in this Pandemic Era.

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