Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends- What’s going forward?

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The rise in the advancement of technology and Smartphone users has significantly changed the mobile app development industry. There are apps for food deliveries, booking cabs, vehicle insurance, entertainment apps, and the list goes on. Today mobile apps are transforming business and operating models to a great extent.

In order to survive in this changing trend of mobile app development, manufacturers and mobile app creators need to cope up with the emerging trends in mobile applications.

Here are some of the key trends of mobile app development.

1. Internet of things (IoT)- The Internet of things is a technology that enables machines to do small tasks for us. These smart IoT compatible devices include smart homes, smart LED light bulbs, smart coffee makers, domestic appliances, etc. These devices can be controlled and operated with an app from your Smartphone. It is projected that the Internet of things industry will rise rapidly in the upcoming years and will make more connected devices in the coming future.

2. Mobile wallets- The increase in the online purchase of goods and services has ignited Mobile wallet app development. Many big brands like Apple and Google are providing their users with convenient and secure mobile wallets to make online transactions. According to a report, mobile wallet transactions will become more common in near future. This rise of mobile wallet transactions will surely lead to making daily transactions with mobile payments one day, as we do not have to carry currency in our pockets.

3. Wearable devices- In recent times the demand for connected wearable devices increased drastically. Apple and Microsoft have leaded Wearable technology by introducing smart wearables like the Apple watch and Microsoft Hololens. The functionalities of the wearable devices should be properly integrated with the mobile app to enjoy the advantages. Nowadays wearable devices have in-built apps that operate independently on their own. For example, the Apple watch has their App store and they do not require the IOS app from the iPhone. Wearable devices provide a variety of services that includes fitness, healthcare, navigation, making and receiving calls, fashion, etc.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology may be at its initial stages right now, as we have started to know about how we can utilize these advanced technologies. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of the world of technology. Digital Assistant apps like Siri and Alexa are amongst the best examples of the brilliant use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These apps are beneficial in enhancing customer users’ experience and performance of the apps also.

The Perfect combination of Artificial Intelligence with the mobile application is undoubtedly amongst the top trends in the coming future. This new era of Human-machine interaction has changed the face of technology.

Here are some of the popular AI features

  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Text Prediction
  • Gesture and Sentiment recognition
  • Cloud Computing
  • Chatbots
  • Data ingestion

5. 5G Technology- The most awaited 5th generation mobile technology is around the corner. The high speed and low latency of 5G technology make it better than 4G in terms of quickness, comfort, efficiency, and smartness. That is the reason why brands like Apple and Samsung have already launched their Smartphone that supports 5G technology even before its launch. According to many reports, 5G connection is expected to reach a lot of users in 2022. That is the reason why many smartphone brands are releasing their flagship phones that supports 5G.The mobile app developers should make and optimize apps that can run in accord with 5G technology.

6. Cloud Computing apps- Cloud Computing apps allow users to store huge amounts of tasks and data over the internet without using the storage of their mobile devices. The Information is stored on centralized servers which can be accessed afterward on demand through desktops, mobiles, and other devices. Cloud-based apps do not need to be run or installed on the user’s native app, it can be even operated through a mobile web browser. However, the development of cloud-based apps is not an easy task you need to find the best mobile app development company like Protolabz Eservices. Here are some of the advantages of Cloud Computing-

  • Easy to store and take backup of data.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Easy Mobility
  • Data Security
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Easy accessibility

7. Chatbots- Chatbots will be one of the emerging mobile app development trends in the upcoming future. As the next generation of users want more customized services to save time while going for online purchases. The AI-enabled Chatbots. Are beneficial in providing better UI/UX services. That is the reason why many enterprises are integrating Chatbots with their mobile apps. Chatbots apps nowadays work as daily assistants for users and also help minimize the cost spend on the support service team.

8.Instant Apps- Instant apps are very convenient and user-friendly apps that are not needed to be downloaded. They can be instantly accessed from the internet without the need to be installed on internal storage.

Here are some of the advantages of Instant Apps-

  • Instant apps are more accessible, convenient, user-oriented, and flexible than normal apps as they use very less amount of resources.
  • Instant apps do need much space on your phone, so you do not have to free up your phone storage for installing these apps.
  • There are many popular instant apps such as Buzz feed, NY Times, Crossword puzzle, Red Bull TV, ShareTheMeal App, etc. The popularity and demand of Instant apps make it one of the trending mobile app development trends.

Conclusion- With so many mobile apps developed every year, the mobile app industry is prospering at lightning speed. The rise of the technology also results in many new mobile app development trends such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and etc. as well as innovative hardware capabilities. Thus as a mobile app developer, you need to keep your mobile app updated with the latest trends and technologies of mobile app development in order to stay competitive in this highly competitive mobile app industry.

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