What's The Need To Update Your Website…..And How Often?

What’s The Need To Update Your Website…..And How Often??

In the recent era, the most important fact on which businesses grow is online existence. Mere having a website isn’t a worthwhile thing, a website needs proper maintenance through updating its elements often, but mostly we misjudge its value for the business. If you are also overlooking this fact, then this effort will precede you in the right direction. Now, we are discussing a step-by-step approach that what is the need to update a website and how often.

While visiting your website, the audience perceives the image of your organization. A Practiced looking website always yields a plus point to visitors about your company. On the other hand, an unstructured and out-dated website will harm your company. Highlighting the products/services with their features is necessary for the add-in.

Need to update your website

The first impression is the decisive thing

Your Website is directly proportional to companies’ identity. The initial observation that Customers experience on your website is the deciding factor about the organization and you have great prospects to show your customers a long-lasting good impression.

To adopt a new tech stack

The technology stack is based on a server system that is used for effective operations. Adopting an innovative tech-stack might stimulate the extensibility of your products/services. Protolabz eServices can help you to choose the right tech-stack because we are experienced developers.

Ensuring data safety standards

The safety of data is nowadays a very crucial thing, as personal details of your client might be stored on your website database. For this, you need the latest security tools for ensuring privacy norms.

For improving search engine ranking

As the Google algorithm changed over the past scenario, it may affect the optimization ranking of your business website. So, it is necessary to revive your website regularly, and adding some blogs can affect your website ranking up than your competitors.

Lack of effective internal/external buttons

Internal and external links are the links, you can use on your website for moving to another landing page. An internal and/or external links can give you link juice. If you can’t add effective links on your website, your customer can not become a prospective lead.

To decrease the bounce-rate percentage

Bounce-rate is a very curious factor when an organization tries their best for growing their business but due to a high bounce rate, they can’t achieve their prospective goals. This shows that a high bounce rate occurs when people leave your website by landing only on one page. To decrease its percentage, you must have added some creative links that people view and visit. 

Some of the marks indicate the need to update your website.

  • Bounce rate
  • Page loading speed
  • On-site time
  • Leads and conversions

How often a website should be updated?

Protolabz eServices advise you to update your website once a week, at most monthly. It varies from doing minor changes to adding some new blog posts to gain audience traffic on your website and for improving SEO. Google bots crawl all over the website when a website gets updated. If we give you an example; suppose, you can’t give your vehicle proper maintenance for 2-3 years, possibly your vehicle would not work properly; the same is the case for a website. That’s, we recommend you to update your website at least once a month.


Continuously updating a website is an important task to maintain the balance of website performance. Updating will help in boosting traffic on a website. Protolabz eServices will help you by offering assistance.