The Emergence of SaaS Development Beyond Covid-19 Pandemic

The Emergence of SaaS Development Beyond Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid 19 Pandemic has affected the way businesses work in almost all sectors and regions. This pandemic has impacted the global economy as well as every sector whether it is healthcare, logistics, automobile, resource management, or any other industry. Although this pandemic has accelerated the digitization and shift towards more e-commerce platforms also.

To stay competitive in this new economic environment, businesses need to recognize the importance and capabilities of technology. These changes in the new business environment have made the companies change their strategies and adapt to new normal. Most of the companies have now realized that they need to adjust according to advanced technologies like cloud-based, SaaS Development.

What is SaaS and how does it work?

SaaS is also known as Software as a Service is a cloud-based software solution that can be either purchased on a subscription basis or a pay-as-you-go basis. It enables the users to use cloud-based apps over the internet mostly with the web browser. All the app data is located in the service provider’s data center. The service provider will ensure the security of your data on the app as well as manage the hardware and software of the app as well. SaaS apps can be beneficial for an organization and the demand for SaaS has grown immensely since the Pandemic began.

Popular Examples of SaaS (Software as a Service) Applications:

Many SaaS solution companies have made SaaS apps to tackle the situation after the Pandemic and to improve the productivity, functionality, sustainability, and scalability of the businesses. Here are some examples of SaaS Solutions.

1. LUMEN5:

Lumen is one of the best examples of SaaS. It is really helpful in creating amazing videos automatically. With its amazing workflow AI you can add brand colours, attractive font style, highlight keywords as well position your text also in your videos.


Amazon Web Services provides cloud-based tools like customer engagement, machine learning, IoT, blockchain etc. to businesses and individuals. Amazon web services are used by some of the biggest companies including Netflix. It has more than 150 SaaS services to offer.


ZenDesk is a customer support service that supports many channels such as social media, e-mail, phone, chat etc. One of its features includes responding to customer queries by providing automatic answers with the help of machine learning.


Canva is a helpful SaaS tool to help you make amazing content for social media. It enables the users to choose from a variety of templates, flyers, posters, and blog post images, and other media types as well. It is enabled with an amazing drag and drop interface that helps create your content easily and conveniently.


Microsoft Office 365 provides its users with the facility to create, edit, manage, share and manage the office files on the go. In case you do not want the desktop version of the office, you can access the cloud-based Microsoft office 365 without installing it. Users can get access to teamwork apps, sharing features and other essential features for a business with Microsoft office 365.


Dropbox is a cloud-based storage SaaS tool that helps you store and share files on the internet from anywhere. Its features include smart content suggestions, sharing files with real-time syncing on the internet which makes it a easy to use SaaS tool. There are more than 500 million registered users of Dropbox.


Squibler is an amazing writing SaaS tool that helps you write books, articles, novels as well as screenwriting without any trouble. It also serves its users with some great features like real-time writing community feedback, goal writing, prompt writing, random prompt generator etc.


Hubspot is an all in one SaaS tool that offers CRM, CMS, sales and marketing services to businesses. Hubspot helps to drive traffic to your website by attracting users and retaining them. Its content marketing feature is amazing, you can publish a lot of blog posts on various topics in a short period.

How SaaS turned out as a blessing during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, SaaS services were the ideal option for any industry to survive in this new normal. In the tough times of the covid era going outside and attending meetings can be risky, that is the reason why many web conferencing Saas Apps like Zoom have emerged for smooth communication. Office or board meetings, online classes, debates or discussions on various topics, or any other meeting can effectively take place on these web-conferencing SaaS applications. With more applications of SaaS in a variety of fields such as E-commerce, healthcare, logistics, entertainment, Saas technologies have drastically changed the way businesses work.

That is the reason why businesses have realized to switch to cloud-based SaaS technologies to keep up with the new normal and utilize the benefits of SaaS. Nowadays businesses know that they have to change their traditional approach of working and should shift their business operations online for staying competitive in these tough times.

The pandemic results in an economic downfall that results in many businesses struggling to survive with their traditional approach. That’s where SaaS solutions prove their true potential by helping businesses to adapt to the changing environment. Many SaaS solutions have paved the way for companies to increase their productivity during Pandemic and after the Pandemic also.

The potential of SaaS Development beyond Covid-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, SaaS solutions have shown their effectiveness in almost every industry. According to many reports, SaaS solutions have long-term benefits not only during the Covid-19 era but beyond that also. SaaS is here to stay, many companies have seen the potential of SaaS technologies during the pandemic and they are expected to go with the digital transformation in the long run also. There are many benefits of SaaS solutions like security, flexibility, pay-per-view subscription, less expensive.

Future Of SaaS Technologies After the Covid-19 Pandemic


You only have to pay for the SaaS services that you use. The convenient and less expensive approach of SaaS solutions has resulted in a swift adaption of SaaS technologies by many businesses around the world.


Users can easily access the app from any internet-connected device such as computer, mobile, etc. In addition, the service provider of the SaaS app will manage the security issues such as ensuring the security of your app data.


All the SaaS apps take very less local storage because SaaS apps are cloud-based.


Users can get access to sophisticated SaaS applications like CRM and ERP for their organization at affordable prices. You do not need to update or maintain any software or hardware.


During the Covid-19 pandemic businesses around the world have realized that in order stay competitive in tough times they need to change their business strategies. SaaS technology is one of the technological development during the covid era that will help the business even after the covid -19 pandemic.