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Get Ready to Upgrade Your Restaurant Business With A Custom
Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery apps have changed the food industry to a great extent. The food delivery business has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries. Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats are one of the biggest giants in this on-demand food delivery business. The main reason behind the boom of food delivery apps is the convenience that they provide to the customers.

Be the industry leader with our customized and exceptional food delivery app development. We use the latest industrial technology at every step to help escalate the growth of your food business. Our food delivery app development has helped many food delivery start-ups, and restaurant aggregators to grow their businesses online.

Key Features You Must Look for to Raise Your Restaurant Sale
  • User friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Smooth control of business with powerful dashboard
  • Proper and less time consuming payment options.
  • Easy control of customer database
  • Real time location tracking
  • 24/7 online support system

We are capable of implementing the solutions that can make your business grow at a much faster pace. It can help you deliver the food quickly to your customers.

We provide these solutions to help empower your food delivery business.

1. Easy food ordering Our food delivery app development help the customers to place their orders effortlessly. It also helps track the delivery agents in real-time.

2. Proper control of the food delivery business You can easily control your food delivery business with a powerful dashboard. It will help you control the customer database, discounts, reviews, and payments.

3.Deliveries on time Our food delivery app development assures timely delivery by providing useful information regarding optimized routes, order notifications to the delivery agents.

Key elements of our fully featured food delivery app development.

Some of the important features of our food delivery app

1. Easy ordering with search feature The robust search feature incorporated in our food delivery app enables the customers to choose from multiple restaurants and order their favourite food items. This search option helps you find reliable food items from a variety of restaurants.
2. Real-time location tracking The location tracking feature serves both customers and delivery executives. Customers can easily track the order and know how much time the order will take to reach them. Delivery agents can also track the shortest and fastest delivery routes to easily know the location of the customer.
3. Supports all payment systems Our app supports integration with a variety of payment options. Different payment methods like Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking, Mobile wallets, UPI payments and COD are for facilitate the customers in ordering the food from the app.

4.24/7 online support system This 24/7 online support system enables the customers to enquire about the order and track the order progress. Instant and convenient support will assure your customers that they will get the required information whenever required.

5. Advanced Analytics Advanced analytics tool for monitoring food deliveries, managing customer database as well as discounts also.


How long it usually takes to develop a food delivery app?

It consumes about 45-60 days to develop a simple food delivery app with a single vendor.

On the other hand, a complex multi-vendor food delivery app can take around 90-100 working days. The more customized and complex requirements can increase the development time of the app. We have the required experience in developing customized food delivery apps.

How does a food delivery app work?

The food delivery app allows customers to choose from a variety of food items from different restaurants. After finalizing the order the food delivery company delivers the ordered food item to the customer after accepting the payment.

How much does it costs to develop a food delivery app?

The cost of developing an app depends on the complexity of functionalities required by an app. A multi-vendor app costs more than a single vendor app. Depending on the features of the app and the resources that it requires for enabling these features in the app can affect the cost of the app.

Do you provide support services after the completion of the app?

Our support and maintenance for the food delivery app are free for the first 3 months. After that, you can subscribe to our monthly subscription plan for getting support.

Is there any additional charges apart from the app development cost?

We believe in keeping things transparent and didn’t have any hidden charges in our contract.

Although some charges are not covered by us.

  • Web hosting and domain registration charges.
  • Google play store and Apple App store registration charges.
Do you provide food delivery app development for both Android and iOS?

Yes, we develop food delivery apps that support both Android and iOS platforms.